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Make Pannar’s White Maize Hybrids Part of Your Success Story

We know that purchasing seed is one of the most critical decisions you make each year. When it comes to widely adapted, agronomically well-balanced white maize, Pannar’s market-leading package offers stable performance, strong seedling vigour, early plant establishment and respected grain and milling quality. Speak to our skilled team about how you can reduce variability in productivity and increase profitability on your farm.

Comprehensive Maize Package

Pannar’s maize package comprises various growth classes and includes conventional, stalk borer resistant, glyphosate tolerant and stacked gene hybrids. These hybrids are recommended for grain and silage production, as well as for maize foggage.

White Hybrid RangeConventionalGlyphosate Tolerant (R)Stacked Gene (BR & PW)
Ultra early (3)  PAN 3A-173PAN 3R-573RPAN 3P-973PW
Early (4)  PAN 4A-111PAN 4A-511RPAN 4R-811BR
Medium early (5)  PAN 5285 PAN 5A-291 PAN 5A-163PAN 5R-591R PAN 5R-563R PAN 5R-555R PAN 5R-539R (NEW) PAN 5R-523R (NEW)  PAN 5R-785BR PAN 5P-985PW PAN 5R-891BR PAN 5P-991PW PAN 5P-947PW (NEW) PAN 5P-955PW (NEW)
Medium (6)    PAN 6R-879BR

Distinguished Performance

Christin hunter, Marketing Manager, pannar Seed

Christin Hunter, Marketing Manager, Pannar Seed

The Pannar white maize hybrid package is distinguished by its exceptional performance, adaptability and stability for good risk management.

Innovative Trait Technology for White Maize Hybrids

Pannar introduced its first two maize hybrids with PowerCore® trait technology in 2022. Over the past two seasons, South Africa’s maize farmers have experienced long-lasting control of targeted above-ground insects. The PowerCore® trait technology provides broad spectrum protection against above-ground lepidopteran pests, stacked with glyphosate herbicide-tolerant technology for premium insect and weed control. This season, Pannar’s range of white maize hybrids with PowerCore® trait technology expands to five, with the introduction of PAN 5P-947PW and PAN 5P-955PW.

PAN 5P-947PW

PAN 5P-947PW is the new stacked gene offering in the PAN 5R-547R hybrid platform. This medium early platform with exceptional yield potential and very good stability is well-adapted to the sandy soils of the north western Free State and the North West regions.

PAN 5P-955PW

PAN 5P-955PW is an exciting new medium early hybrid platform for the western production areas. This hybrid has good standability and an excellent prolificacy index, yet tends not to produce too many tillers. Good germination with strong seedling vigour makes it the best choice on the sandy soils of the north western Free State. It also has good overall leaf disease tolerance.

White Maize Hybrids

PAN 5R-539R

PAN 5R-539R is a medium early hybrid with tolerance to glyphosate herbicide. It is an entirely new platform and a harbinger of the next frontier of genetic gain in maize production. This hybrid is double cobbing with a flex-ear type that can compensate for optimum production conditions. It also has excellent standability. PAN 5R-539R performs very well on the sandy soils of the western production areas.

PAN 5R-523R

PAN 5R-523R is another entirely new platform revealing new generation genetics with an upright plant type allowing for improved harvestability. It is a medium early hybrid with tolerance to glyphosate herbicide. This hybrid has good standability and an excellent prolificacy index as well as a high-test weight that contributes to its yield potential. In testing, PAN 5R-523R has exhibited exceptional yield performance in the water table soils of the north western Free State. It is also well adapted to the North West production regions.

Beyond Planting: Support and Guidance

At Pannar our journey with you doesn’t end at planting. We want to see you achieve the full profitability and performance potential benefits of our products. We provide accurate placement recommendations and farm management guidelines based on long-term, multi-regional agronomic trials. This work is undertaken in our Panagri™ programme.

Explore Your Options

Talk to a Pannar sales representative to learn more about our product range, as well as our Panagri™ and Panacea® programs to unlock their full potential or visit www.pannar.com

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